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As active duty military and law enforcement, I learned so much that I didn’t know I needed to work on when it comes to firearm training. This was also my first CCW class and I didn’t know there was so much you have to think about if put in a situation. I would always recommend Brian and going to continue going to his future, more advanced classes.

Austin B.

Whether you’re new to guns or an experienced shooter, Brian’s classes offer something for everyone. From moving live fire training, to in class lessons with real world applications for self defense and situational awareness, Brian uses 25+ years of experience to shape his courses for shooters of every level. The information you’ll learn here will ready you to protect not just yourself, but also the people you care most about. As a responsible gun owner with a BIG heart, Brian strives to ready each and everyone of his students to be able to carry on the responsibility of being a protector.
As an avid shooter, gun dealer, and protector, I would suggest Brian’s classes to anyone I know who owns a firearm. This guy genuinely cares about his students and aiding our society in better protecting itself. Whether you’re looking to get your conceal carry license, or broaden your knowledge as a responsible gun owner, Brian’s the guy to see.

Adin R.

Highly recommend this comprehensive classroom and range course! The classroom portion provided the right balance of educational content and real-world examples. The range portion was set at a great pace. We built upon previous firearm experience to learn new defensive skills. I appreciated that Brian provided feedback throughout all firearm handling and shooting processes.

Alexis A.

Excellent instructions. Brian was Knowledgeable, professional, patient and personal.
He taught me everything I needed to know to pass the NRA pistol class. First time! I was a total beginner. I shot a pistol at a range once 6 years ago.
I enjoyed learning how to shoot and the correct and safe handling of the equipment used in training. So much information! I will take more classes with Brian. Thank You!

Jodie H.

Experienced, confident and patient instructor. Recently participated in NRA Basic Pistol class lead by Brian. He kept the class on target while addressing the individual concerns of the students. Looking forward to attending more classes lead by Brian.

Charles T.

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